As a way of retroactively reaching carbon neutrality, we are proud to announce our newest partners Eden Reforestation Projects.

While doing research to find a suitable nonprofit organization to partner with us, we came across Eden Reforestation Projects.

Their approach is simple, but highly effective:

  • They find a suitable location to plant trees and get all the logistics and legalities sorted.

  • They hire the poorest of the poor to plant trees and pay them a fair wage to survive extreme poverty.

  • They make sure to include tree species that are native to the land to support a network of organisms.

  • They create a self-sustaining community that can find food and income from the crops of their plantings.

The ripple effect continues beyond what you can see with your naked eyes. The quality of life improves when people have a better understanding and appreciation for nature and how it works.


In short, the cost to hire a person to gather seeds, care for them until they're a sapling (if required), planting it and checking up on them varies between $0.10 and $0.35 per tree depending on the planting site of the specific project part of the Eden Reforestation Projects. 


The partnership is to donate $1 for every order. So with just a single US dollar up to 10 trees could be planted!

Eden Reforestation Projects has several different program levels depending on the amount of money you've donated.

Our personal goal is to reach the Forest level. With more people like you supporting our business, other exciting goals can be reached!

You can keep track of our monthly donation progress (in number of trees) on our Eden Reforestation Projects profile, found here.

Because the forests they plant are planted by their own hands, protecting them has become more personal.

To learn more about how you can be involved visit